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Consumption through the Lens of Business- and Management- Related Journals: A Systematic Literature Review
Autor(es): Irina Saur-Amaral

Temas: Comportamento do Consumidor

We speak of consumer sciences when we seek to comprehend consumer’s behavior in commercial transactions and subsequently in the usage of the goods that have been acquired, in what is considered to be a quest for his/her well-being. But has been the focus of consumer sciences in the last decade and how is it perceived in business and management field? Or otherwise said, what is the state of the art in consumer sciences and what has been published in business- and management-related journals?

Looking to answer those questions, we perform a systematic literature review, looking for academic papers on consumption in ISI Current Contents, in Social Sciences subdatabase. Based on a sample of 1279 academic papers from 2001 to date, we perform content analysis in a grounded-theory methodological approach and map the field of consumption sciences, identifying main schools of thought (invisible colleges). We see a tendency to increase publications, starting with 2007. We identify key areas that have developed in the latest years, as well as “dying areas” in consumer sciences, emphasizing possible trends towards publications in the incoming years. We point specialized international journals in this area (e.g. Journal of Business Research, International Journal of Consumer Studies, Psychology Marketing, International Marketing Review, Journal of Consumer Psychology, Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Economic Psychology, International Journal of Consumer Studies).

Our results benefit researchers in consumer sciences that wish to strategically focus their research in order to maximize publication and impact. They also benefit entrepreneurs and policy makers that wish to understand what is the expectable evolution of the consumer studies from the perspective of the academia, and subsequently develop more effective strategies and policies.

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