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Are assortment variety and stock-failures management in Hypermarkets and Supermarkets an important factor for consumers to develop a store-type preference, willing to come back and continue to buy?
Autor(es): Sílvia Faria, Pedro Ferreira, Vitor Carvalho

Temas: Comportamento do Consumidor

Keywords: Consumer behaviour, Commitment, Retail, Merchandising assortment, Category management, Breaks, Layout

The purpose of this paper is to examine the customer experience towards the two main retail types of point of sale in Portugal and what leads them to choose between Hypermarkets and Supermarkets.
A model was developed through the formulation of some hypotheses, as a result of the literature review on related concepts; the data mentioned in this paper was obtained by a questionnaire applied online to 116 individuals.
The data collected allow us to say that people that prefer to have a huge variety of products and brands tend to go to Hypermarkets and that the higher the positive perception about layout (capacity to avoid breaks (failures of products on shelves) and good products and brands’ exhibition)) the higher the preference for Hypermarkets; the more people prefer variety, the less they go to Supermarkets and, if there is a lot of information about products and brands, associated to an also careless presentation and exaggeration of products / brands on shelves, it leads consumers to feel confused… and then they will prefer to go to supermarkets.
Considering the results obtained with our sample we may say that both hypermarkets and supermarkets’ clients do not want to come across products failures on shelves (BREAKS); however, according to our sample, it seems that consumers associate a better category management to hypermarkets (since this has a positive impact in choosing this type of store).

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