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How Portuguese consumers evaluate packages of OTC medicines
Autor(es): Sónia Cântara, Hannele Kauppinen-Räisänen, Daniel Sá

Temas: Comportamento do Consumidor

Keywords: Country of origin, Producer reputation, OTC medicines, Packaging, Packaging design, Self-care consumers

Recent transformations in the healthcare industry reflect changing consumer health and self-care behaviours. The consumer is now expected to take control of his or her own health, including self-medication. The increasing number of non-prescription medicines, as well as their availability in non-pharmaceutical shops, has also contributed to the current situation. One challenge of this scenario is that consumers increasingly make their brand choices without professional advice. In response to this, the present study aims to explore how consumers evaluate the packages of OTC medicines. A mixed method (conjoint analysis and semi-structured interviews) study was designed. The study was executed among Portuguese consumers and focused on a number of cues expressed on brand packaging such as country of origin, producer and packaging colour. With this approach, we attempt to shed some light on the effect of packaging design, which may provide valuable insight to both researchers and packaging designers as well as other professionals in the pharmaceutical industry.

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